15 Jun

Ep 83 – Beans, Beans (Special Guest Elizabeth and Joel)

Taste of Tannins.
Tub Girl Visits!
All New New Newlywed Game.
Pet Shoes?!

8 Jun

Ep 82 – Dr. Whoru Guru (Special Guest Lauren Bancroft)

Lauren Lies!
Eggplant Stand Up.
The Dr’s New Girl.
Ultimate Dr. Who Quiz!

1 Jun

The Intern Rich Show Vol 2

PX3 may have been on break, but our very own Inter Rich wasn’t.  He took the equipment and did another episode of The Intern Rich show.  This one has everything PX3 lacks, but is that a good thing?!

PX3 will be back next week with an all new episode.

18 May

Ep 80 – The 3rd Seat Experience

Jerky Boyz.
Bryan The Lizard.
Uber Ambulance.

11 May

Ep 79 – Boyz II Friends (with YouTube star Jason Palmer )

How To Open A Show.
The Dog Park Incident.
YourTube Obsessions.
ASMRP in Cincinnati!

Road Rage Lady 

4 May

Ep 78 – Unfocused (Special Guest Robin )

Chicken Cargo.
Naked Periscope!
Dead or Dead?
It Pays To Be Mean!

27 Apr

Ep 77 – Nate, Drugs and Rock and Roll (Special Guest Never Late Nate )

Facebook Settings.
Walmart Restrooms.
420 Bros.
Peanut Butter Crack.


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  • Sneak peek fans. The show is edited and ready for your ears!  Can't wait for you guys to listen to PX3's first ever dual special guest!
  • All new episode of PX3 for your listening pleasure. We had the super talented @bancroffed on the show to talk about stand up and Dr. Who. Take a listen. Link in bio! #comedy #podcast #px3 #drwho
  • PX3 took last week off so no new show. But Intern Rich decided the fans need entertainment. So this week you get The Intern Rich Show Vol 2!  Enjoy?  Yeah that "?" Is not a typo. Let him know what you think. Link in bio. #px3 #podcast #comedy #intern

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