27 Apr

Ep 77 – Nate, Drugs and Rock and Roll (Special Guest Never Late Nate )

Facebook Settings.
Walmart Restrooms.
420 Bros.
Peanut Butter Crack.


Nate’s podcast:
Unimaginary Podcast

Nate’s Productions Website:
Reel 9 Productions


20 Apr

Ep 76 – No Show

Shirtless Duo.
Vitamin C.
Bits on Bits on Bits.

30 Mar

Ep 73 – Dateless Podcasters (Special Guest Greg)

Intern Hate.
Greg’s Better.
Ry’s Great Question.
Bad Date, Worst Date.

9 Mar

Ep 71 – Communist London (Special Guest Robin)

Shut It!
Norwegian Carrots.
Cross Contingents.
Chicken Train.




2 Mar

Ep 70 – Robot With A Banjo

Half Man, Half Battery.

React to Reactions.

B and R Tours.

Friends With Savage.


24 Feb

Ep 69 – Sanction Tacos

Kurt’s Topical Corner
Our Peers
Jury Doodie
Walken Free

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  • Wednesday is here and it's time to kill those last few hours with your good old friends at PX3!  First time guest the very funny Nate!  A bunch of straight edge nerds talking about drugs on 4/20, sounds awesome right?! Podcast link in bio. #podcast #px3 #comedy #420
  • You guys, new episode out and it feels like the old times! When it's just us, things always get weird.  Enjoy.  Link in bio. #podcast #comedy #px3 #zipper
  • Hey guys it's Wednesday, so you know what that means?! A new episode of your favorite podcast is up! This week we have the multi-talented Michaela Myers. She does it all, acting, comedy, and ...puppets. Check it out and share! Link in bio! #podcast #comedy #puppets #px3

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