PX3 Presents : The Jupiter Signal Episode 1

30 Oct 2011 by admin, 3 Comments »

THE JUPITER SIGNAL is a bold experiment in modern day storytelling; an attempt to reconnect the invisible tether that used to bind teller, tale and told. The Signal broadcasts directly into your head, where the only boundaries are those dictated by your boundless imagination. This audio-digital theatrical experience can accompany you in your car, on your commute, or while you exercise your body. From comedy, horror and science fiction to slice-of-life and autobiography, when you need a story, the Signal will be there. The eye of Jupiter is always watching.”THE JUPITER SIGNAL” was founded by Joshua Pruett, Ryan Hernandez, Justin Ridge and Samantha Schubnel. “THE JUPITER SIGNAL” is TM and copyright 2011 Joshua Pruett.

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  1. Patrick Hoyny says:

    Pretty badass everyone! I loved it!

  2. Mark says:

    The writing is Amazing. The depth and connection to common situations lights up the whole thing. Genius! and of course would not expect anything else. Such potential for a spring board to doing something unique. You are fresh and different. I hope people can see that . WoW!!

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